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Auro organic paintAuro organic paint now available

To add to our range of natural/organic living products. The Organic Food Store is now able to supply a wide range of natural and eco friendly, Auro organic paint, wood treatments and eco friendly cleaning products manufactured by Auro.

Research into Auro organic paint and their other products has taught me that:

  • They use only sustainable raw plant materials
  • To ensure their social responsibility where their raw materials are taken from exotic areas of cultivation, they have a policy that their suppliers sign a declaration on social standards based on the International Labour Organisation. These include no child labour, fair wages and decent working conditions.
  • Auro balance any carbon footprint they use by keeping a tally of what they use and then converting it into tree units. They then invest in that amount of newly planted trees.
  • Only renewable energy is used in the manufacturing of the products.
  • All of the ingredients Auro uses are declared.

What makes the paint itself different?

Due to the biogenic binding agent used in the products they prove to be emission free, have shorter drying times, better adhesion and higher durability.

As many people spend at least one third of their day within closed rooms it seems important to use paints that provide no substantial source of pollution to the indoor air. The organic compounds in Auro paints evaporate easily by turning into gas at low room temperatures.

Other products include wood coverings and treatments safe for childrens’ toys, mould treatments and some fantastic household cleaners such as an oven cleaner that produces a citrus aroma.

Colour charts can be viewed on the web too. Tester pots can be ordered and all products can be ordered for collection in store or delivery. Delivery charges may apply.

Please call The Organic Food Store on 0161 427 8811 to place an order or for more details on Auro organic paint and read more here –

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