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Healthy Chocolate Recipe

normally make my own raw chocolate with a natural sweetener for a treat and antioxidant hit. Today I was just about to dive into the raw cocoa butter to melt when I decided to experiment with my coconut oil. I used the same quantities but didn’t expect it to be up to much. How wrong was I? After 10mins in the freezer it was good to go and wow a real creamy texture of dark chocolate with a subtle coconut flavour. So now I have no guilt when munching my choc. made wit the healthiest fat, no blood sugar hit and most of the natural antioxidants preserved.
Melt 50g of organic virgin coconut fat over a pan of hot water, remove from the heat and stir in 50g of raw cocoa powder.Add 50g of sukin white sugar alternative (made from stevia and with no after taste). Agave can be used. Also add a few drops on natural vanilla essence and keep stirring until all is dissolved and the mix has a good shine. You may need to return it to the heat for this.

Pour the mix onto a small and pop in the freezer for a while. Once set it can be placed in the fridge.