The Organic Food Store

Organic Fruit and Veg

organic fruit and vegOur organic fruit and veg is Soil Association certified. They make rigorous checks to ensure its provenance. The Organic Food Store make two main deliveries per week so that you can get fresh food each week. Check our delivery areas and days. You can buy our organic fruit and veg in store, by telephone, or through our website. Our food comes from a co-operative of smaller farmers who provide us with the seasonal items. Our organic fruit and veg are as local as possible.

We import organic and fair-traded bananas as well as citrus fruits and peppers.  We don’t use packaging. Produce delivered to you as the farmer sent it to us.  The store supplies many clients who juice, suffer with intolerances or have cancer. We supply people who want to stay natural, supplement their garden and allotment produce. We also supply small cafes and we even deliver to your work place.

Organic fruit and vegetable boxes

organic fruit and vegThe Organic Food Store has a range of Organic fruit for sale in our shop and online. You can order your organic fruit and veg onetime at a time or via our box schemes. Click here for more information about our veg box schemes.

The Organic Food Store’s veg box schemes include seasonal fruit and veg. It allows customers to have the freshest organic fruit and veg and eat according to the season.

What is organic food?

Organic food refers to the way products are grown and processed. Organic food must be grown without synthetic pesticides, GMOs, or petroleum-based fertilizers. Products sold as organic fruit and veg must follow the standards of organic farming. Regulations vary worldwide. Organic farming aims to use recycling of resources and promote ecological balance. Organic fruit and veg should also conserve biodiversity. Regulating organic products usually restricts certain pesticides and fertilizers in farming. Organic foods are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.

The benefits of organic fruit and veg

Our food has more antioxidants, linked to better health than regular food. Organic food also has lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides.

Research led by Prof Carlo Leifert, points to “statistically significant, meaningful” differences between organic and non-organic food. The research suggests a wide range of antioxidants being higher in organic food.

Organic farming is about paying close attention to nature. Growing organic fruit and veg means fewer chemicals on the land. More organic farming means less chemicals that pollute waterways. Organic farming also means more wildlife and biodiversity. Organic farming can also benefit animal welfare. Animals required more natural and free conditions.

What the research says

Organic foods has a higher nutrient content. Organic foods is also believed to be kinder to the environment and livestock. Furthermore, organic food is sold as healthier than non-organic foods. As a result, the demand for organic fruit and veg is on the rise. But not all scientists back these health claims. Some Scientists feel the research has not shown consistent results relating to nutrient density.

There is plenty of evidence of more vitamins, minerals and omega 3 in organic food. Albeit, often just a small difference.

A review showed higher levels of vitamins in some organic foods. But not all organic fruit and vegetables. It also showed lower levels of pesticides and heavy metals.