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Rise in organic vegetables prices

Rise in organic vegetables prices

organic vegetables prices

Have you noticed the rise in organic vegetable prices? Or have some items just not been available?

What is happening with organic peppers, courgettes, aubergines, lettuce and tomatoes…

A few weeks ago I noticed that some of the Mediterranean vegetable staples stocked at my store were rising in price. It began with courgettes. Customers were having to pay £1.50 more per kilo. The following week the price jumped again. I decided not to stock any fearing that people just wouldn’t pay the price. The suppliers told me the value of the pound was taking it’s toll.

Last week something similar happened to the price of aubergines, peppers and cherry vine tomatoes. I wondered how the supermarkets would tackle it and concluded that they may (as I had) dip certain lines from our veg box delivery scheme for a while. I wasn’t wrong. Four customers came to the shop reporting that they could not find organic peppers and cherry tomatoes in any of the local supermarkets. Well, I was able to oblige and they went away happy.

This week I have most things coming in as usual but have still avoided the courgettes as the price would have been unacceptable. The reason for the above, I now realise, is a mix of the low value of the pound (and do we blame that on the Brexit issue). The crazy weather in Europe recently may also have had a big influence in creating a courgette shortage. So if you just got a veg spirilizer for Christmas and planned to make courgette spaghetti your a little pooped and all those ratatouille fans out there will be one ingredient missing for a while if its organic you insist on.